How to Survive a Commission-Based Job
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Wondered How to survive a commission-based job? After reading this blog I guarantee, you will learn enough to survive in this business. This is for you!

Short Answer:

Strategies and skills are needed to do well in a commission-based job. focus on developing a strong work ethic, Learn more about your field on a regular basis and keep a positive attitude.

A lot of people doing commission-based jobs these days. Their pay depends on how well they do their job. Work in these areas can be rewarding, but they also come with their own specific issues that need to be resolved.

First we have to look how a Commission Based system Works:

What is Commission-Based Job Model?

People who work on commission are paid based on how many sales they generate. This is called a commission-based job model. People don’t get salary instead, they get paid a fix amount or a percentage of each sale.

If you want how to survive a commission-based job, you need:

  • You should have a strong mind.
  • Set clear financial goals.
  • Get ready to deal with uncertainty.

Why Do Commission Based Salespeople Fail?

People wants to know how to survive a commission-Based job without improving themselves.

There are different reasons why commission based salespeople fail and it’s important to remember that not all of them fail. This type of pay method works well for many people.

Some commission-based salespeople may have trouble or fail for the following reasons:

Less Product Knowledge

It can be hard for salespeople to explain the value of a product or service to people who might buy it if they don’t really understand it.

Not Enough Trained

Sales success depends on getting the right training. A salesperson may not be able to handle objections or close deals well if they have not had enough training.

Poor Sales skills

If you want to be good at sales you need to be able to actively listen, communicate, negotiate and build relationships. It might be hard for salespeople who don’t have these skills to turn leads into customers.

Anxiety about being turned down

Rejection is a normal part of sales but some people have a hard time with it. Fear of being turned down can make people give up on sales opportunities.

Inappropriate Target Market

It is possible to fail when you try to sell to the wrong people. It is important to find your ideal customers and keep your eye on them.

Lack of Resilience

Being in sales can be hard and emotionally draining. It is important for salespeople to be tough and able to get back up after a setback or rejection.


Sales can be tough in markets with a lot of competition. When there is a lot of competition, it might be harder for salespeople to stand out and close deals.

How to Survive a Commission-Based Job?

How to Survive a Commission-Based Job?

It is very important to begin with the basics. You can be successful at commission based jobs if you know the basics well.

Below are the Tips on How to Survive a Commission-Based Job.

Right Mindset

To do well in a commission based job you need to keep a positive and goal oriented attitude. You have to have faith in your skills and your service or product.

Having this attitude will keep you motivated, strong and set on a path to success. Remember that your mind is where success starts.

Understand Commission Structure

There is a different way to pay commissions for each job. It is very important to know how your earnings are calculated. Spend some time getting to know the terms, rates and limits. When it comes to making the most money, knowledge is your best friend.

Building a Strong Work Ethic

People who work on commission often have to put in long hours and hard work. It’s important to build a strong work ethic. You will have to be willing to make sacrifices and put in a lot of work to reach your goals.

Build Network

When you work on commission making connections and networking are very important. You need to make a list of people who could be clients, partners, or mentors. It is helpful to have strong relationships because they can lead to referrals and repeat business.

Time Management

Your time is money. You need to learn how to use your time well. Set goals, prioritize tasks and make a daily schedule that will help you get the most done.

Products Knowledge

You have to know a lot about your product or service. Your clients reckon you are an expert. Spend time getting to know everything about the thing you’re selling. Your clients will trust you more because of this information which will increase sales.

Getting Over Rejections and Setbacks

When you work on commission you will get turned down sometimes. You need to get used to being turned down and learn from each one. Setbacks are chances to learn and get better. Be strong and don’t give up.

Adaptability in a Changing Market

Markets are alive and always shifting. To do well in a commission based job, you need to be flexible and willing to learn. Follow the latest trends in your field and be ready to change how you do things if necessary.

Good Communication Skills

Your best quality is being able to communicate clearly and convincingly. You have to be able to persuade people of the value of your service or product. Spend money on getting better at talking and writing.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Make your goals clear and measurable, and check in on your progress often. It will help you stay on track and keep you going. Honor your accomplishments, no matter how small they are.

Self Care and Burnout Prevention

People who work in commission based jobs often feel burned out because they are so stressful. Focus on taking care of yourself. Take breaks often to recharge and make sure you have a good work life balance.

Continuous Learning

We always have more to learn. Take classes, attend workshops, and go to seminars to improve your personal and professional life. More information means more you can give your clients.

Client Retention

It saves more money to keep clients than to get new ones. Focus on giving great customer service and keeping in touch with the clients you already have.

Making use of social networks

You can reach a lot of people through social media. Create a social media plan that fits your product or service and the people you want to reach.

Getting different sources of income

Depending on just one source of income can be risky. Look for ways to make extra money, like affiliate marketing or selling other goods and services.

Are commission jobs worth it?

Commission jobs are worth it or not it depends on the person’s situation, preferences and goals. Someone who is highly motivated and good at sales or other performance based jobs and willing to accept that their income may change from time to time may find commission-based work to be a good fit.

There are people who like the idea of being an entrepreneur and the chance to make more money. It is important to keep in mind though, commission jobs come with risks like not knowing how much you will make, have to work hard and not always getting traditional benefits.

The value of commission jobs varies from person to person, so it is important to carefully consider your finances and career goals before taking on such a role.

What are the Advantages of Commission Based Job?

Commission-based jobs have a lot of benefits such as:

Earnings Potential

Compared to fixed salary jobs commission based jobs often offer the chance to make more money. It is a good choice for high achievers because the more you sell or perform the more money you can make.

Performance Based Rewards

If you work for a company that pays by commission, your pay depends on how well you do your job. To get you to work harder and reach your goals, this can be inspiring.

Freedom as an entrepreneur

Commission jobs can give you a sense of being your own boss. People who value independence may like this because they have more control over their income and can shape their own success.


Some jobs that are based on commission let you choose your own hours and where you work. This can help you balance work, personal life, and other obligations better.

Promotion Based on Skill:

In a commission-based job your skills and hard work often determine your success, not your seniority or how well you get along with others in the office. Using this merit based method can help you move up in your career more quickly.

There is no cap on how much you can earn in a commission-based job but there is one for fixed salary jobs. Your only limit on how much money you can make is your performance and sales skills.

Sales Skills

If you work in a commission-based job, you can learn useful sales and negotiating skills that you can use in many other jobs.

What are the Disadvantages of Commission Based Job?

There are a few problems with commission-based jobs like:

Pressure to Do Well

People who work in commission-based jobs often have to deal with a lot of stress because they have to meet sales goals or quotas. This can make people stressed out and fixated on closing deals all the time, which can get in the way of building long-term relationships with customers.

Lack of financial stability

If your income changes often, it can be hard to keep up a steady standard of living and meet fixed financial obligations like rent or mortgage payments.

Burnout Risk

Employees may work long hours and put sales ahead of their health and work-life balance in order to keep up with their commissions, which can lead to burnout.

Market Dependency

Commission earnings are often tied to the state of the market and the direction of the industry. This means that changes in the market or a drop in the economy can have a big effect on income levels.

Concerns about ethics

Sometimes, employees may put their own earnings ahead of what’s best for customers because they are under a lot of pressure to make commissions.

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It’s not enough to just make sales at a commission-based job you need to learn how to be a great salesman. You can not only survive in this field if you do not learn with the time. but also do very well if you have the right mindset, skills and techniques.

In a commission-based job success is not just about making money. it’ also about building a career that you enjoy. So use what you’ve learned in this guide to take over the world of sales.

We hope this article how to survive a commission-Based Job has helped you and provide you important information.

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