Is Rescheduling an Interview Bad?
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Rescheduling an interview can be stressful for both the interviewer and the candidate. Situations beyond our control often require us to reschedule interviews.

It’s not always a bad thing to reschedule an interview and there are good reasons to do so. When this happens you should be professional and think about what is best for both the interviewer and the individual.

We will talk about whether Is rescheduling an interview bad idea, what happens when you do it and how to handle the situation properly in case. We will also talk about the reasons why interviews might need to be moved.

Valid Reasons for Rescheduling an Interview


You can reschedule if there are personal or business emergencies like a quick illness or important business problems. It’s important to let the candidate know about the need and importance in a clear and professional way.

Scheduling Conflicts

Interviewers or candidates may already have plans or problems that they can’t avoid like family events or other work commitments. Rescheduling can be a useful way to deal with these kinds of problems.

Technical Issues

If there are technical issues like not being able to connect to the internet for virtual interviews it might not be possible to have a fair and good interview. In this case changing is a good way to make sure the interview goes smoothly.

Candidate Request

Sometimes candidates may have unplanned personal events like illness or a family emergency that make it necessary to reschedule. It is important to show that you understand and are flexible in these scenarios.

What Happens When You Change the Date of an Interview?

Impact on candidate

Candidates may have a different opinion of your company based on how you handle rescheduling an interview. Candidates might see rescheduling as a sign of flexibility and understanding if it is done properly and for a good reason.

On the other hand, there isn’t clear communication and the process looks disorganized, candidates may get the wrong idea about your business.

Time and Resource Management

Moving the date of the meeting can change how time and resources are managed during the hire process. It throws off the carefully planned interview timeline which could cause other parts of the hiring process to be held up.

This can cause resources and time to be used inefficiently which can lower the total effectiveness of the hiring process.

Missed Opportunities

Every minute that goes by between interviews makes it more likely that you will lose the best options.

If your company often changes the dates of interviews candidates may get job offers from other companies before the interview is over which could mean you lose out on great talent.

Is Rescheduling an Interview Bad?

Is Rescheduling an Interview Bad?

Rescheduling an interview is not bad. it is often a necessary and reasonable course of action. There are various circumstances in which rescheduling is the most appropriate response. It happens all the time when unexpected things come up and make it necessary to reschedule an interview.

However the key to making it a positive experience for both parties lies in how the situation is handled.

Tips for Handling Interview Rescheduling

Get in Touch with candidate

When you need to reschedule an interview. Candidates like it when things are clear and they are kept up to date. If you wait too long to let them know it can make them angry and make you look unprofessional.

Reschedule When It’s Convenient

When you choose a new date and time for the interview you should think about when the candidate is available. Find a time that works for both of you and make it as easy as possible. Put their happiness first to make the experience good.

Be professional

When postponing it’s important to be professional at all times. Respect the people who are applying and be nice and kind in everything you say. It is important to make a good impression even if you have to reschedule.

Minimize Rescheduling

Even though rescheduling is sometimes required it’s important to do it as little as possible.

Here are how You can minimize rescheduling:

Thorough Planning

Planning ahead carefully can help cut down on the need to reschedule. Make sure that everything is set up correctly, including interviewers who are available, the right technology for video interviews, and a quiet place to hold the interviews.

Alternative Interviewers

Have extra interviews ready in case you need them. If the main interviewer has to leave for some reason. The backup can take over and keep the candidate’s routine as normal as possible.

Clear rules for scheduling

Set clear rules for booking and rescheduling interviews. Both candidates and interviewers should know about these rules to make sure that everything is fair and consistent.

Clear Scheduling Policies

Make plans for what to do in case of technical problems or situations. For instance give people a second way to get in touch with you in case of technical issues.

Effective Communication

Make sure to check in with candidates and interviewers on a regular basis to confirm meetings and talk about any possible scheduling issues early on.

Show that you care

During the rescheduling process showing understanding can make the candidate’s experience a lot better. Know that unplanned events can affect both sides, and be willing to bend to meet their needs.

Offer Alternatives

When suggesting a new date and time give the candidate as many choices as you can if you can. This lets them pick a time that works best for them and shows that you are flexible with your plan.

Provide Detailed Information

Make sure the candidate has all the information they need for the new interview such as the new date, time and location (if relevant). Making sure there are clear instructions helps keep things running smoothly.

Apologize Sincerely

Say you’re sorry for any trouble the change has caused. This small gesture of kindness can go a long way toward keeping candidates happy.

Confirm the New Date

Send a confirmation email or message a day or two before the new interview to go over the details again and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Monitor Rescheduling Patterns

Record events that need to be rescheduled and the reasons for them. Look at these patterns to see if there are any systemic problems that need to be fixed, like regular technical issues or scheduling conflicts that keep happening.

Pros of Rescheduling an Interview


Changing the date of an interview gives the hiring process more freedom. Unexpected events can happen, requiring changes to be made in order for the conversation to go well.

Rescheduling shows that you are flexible and ready to work with candidates’ needs or unplanned events.

Candidate’s Best Interest

If you reschedule with the candidate’s best interests in mind, it can make them like your company more. It shows that you care about their time and plan, which can make them feel better about your company in general.

Better Preparation

In some cases, rescheduling might be necessary to make sure that both the individual and the interviewer are ready. It gives you a chance to prepare better, which will lead to a more useful and insightful conversation.

Cons of Rescheduling an Interview

Negative perception

If rescheduling isn’t done properly or happens a lot, candidates may think your business is disorganized or doesn’t value their time. This could hurt your company brand and make top candidates less likely to apply.

Delay in the Hiring Process

Scheduling can slow down the whole hire process if it happens too many times. This is a big problem if the job opening is important to the company because it slows things down and makes them less successful.

Other steps in the hiring process like checking references and negotiating an offer may also be held up too.

Missed Opportunities

With each delay, you run the chance of losing job candidates to other companies. If candidates get job offers somewhere else because of the frequent rescheduling, your company might miss out on top talent.

Final Thoughts

If you reschedule an interview carefully and for a good reason, it’s not always a bad thing. It might even make the experience better for the candidate and make the interview process more productive. However, too many rescheduling’s or bad handling of the situation can lead to bad results.

To keep a positive recruitment experience for everyone, it is important for both interviewers and candidates to be professional, understanding, and empathetic when interview times need to be changed.

We hope now you understand that Is rescheduling an interview bad idea or not.

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